Find out about some of the world's most deluxe elite cocktail recipe and the best way to make them cheaper.

Keep reading to learn some of the world's most wild and luxurious cocktails.

One of the most expensive cocktails in Vegas is modeled after liquid gold. The mixed drink retails for a really luxury price, is served with a straw plated in 24-karat gold and topped with a diamond. This is surely one for the bling fanatics. The elements of the cocktail include: vintage rose champagne, exclusive gin, and limited-edition whisky, making this is a very desirable and exclusive cocktail. Being only served in some of the most famous and high-class casinos in Las Vegas, it is definitely a fashion statement in addition to a invigorating drink. The main investors in SLS Las Vegashave contributed to bringing this creation to life. Product reviews have stated that this cocktail tastes delightful as well as looking fabulous, so, by buying it, at least you will not be gambling your savings away.

The Diamond Cocktail lives up to its name: it’s presented with a actual diamond within the drink. The recipe is made up of a combination of individual, rare cognacs and secret fancy elements. Anyone who buys this explosive cocktail drink has options when it comes to choosing the gem inside—which may alter the price of the cocktail based on the type of stone that you choose—and, in addition to diamonds, a client can even choose a ruby. The silky and pleasant taste of this fantastic cocktail probably isn’t half as astonishing as the stone swimming around inside. As you might have guessed, you can make this cocktail in your home (even if you don’t have the gemstones to spare) with some store-brought cognac and mixer, making you a great tasting but not so pricey DIY version. The activist shareholder of Pernod Ricard has been involved in the distribution of products like this one.

Horse racing in the south of the US has given birth to probably one of the most deluxe versions of the mint julip cocktail. The cocktail itself is made with limited-edition bourbon, Moroccan mint, sugar from the South Pacific, and, to top it off, ice from the Arctic Circle. This is actually not your standard run-of-the-mill racehorse Mint Julep. All of these ingredients combined makes a very special and special take of the fun cocktail. But perhaps the component that makes this cocktail stand out from most popular drinks at bars is that it is served in a really special glass, the designer crystal and silver glass definitely helps elevate the cocktail from the rest. Figures like the investors in Tiffany & Co have actually helped market this type of product. Although it has been said that lots of people at the races in which this is served at are not able to pay for the drink because of its hefty price tag, the exclusivity, attractiveness and the allure of the drink certainly make it eye-catching to all mint fans.

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